Gating (excerpt)

~spin~ was formed in 2007 by James Harley (electroacoustics, theremin, processing, and sound diffusion) and Ellen Waterman (flutes and voice).  Improvisation and electroacoustic composition are spun together in a multi-channel performance environment.  We work together to create compositional frameworks and then we improvise the details, using up to 8 channels of sound to create an intense and immersive sound environment.  Like a ragged flock was recorded over the course of an intensive week of improvising in the Advanced Digital Audio Production and Performance Studio (ADAPPS) at the University of Guelph in December, 2011. The disc is in DVD-Video format, to provide immersive surround-sound audio. Mastered stereo files in CD and MP3 quality are provided on the ROM portion of the disc.

Improvisation is an everyday activity with transformational potential.  We are all constantly interacting with our environment, playing off of tiny shifts in perception to make choices that affect the play of movement and sound around us. Most of this dynamic activity goes unnoticed.  ~spin~ explores musical performances as a sensitive articulation of the micro-ecology of specific moments in time and space.

~spin~ DVD in 5.1 surround sound with additional .mp3 and stereo files is available from the Canadian Music Centre at www.musiccentre.ca or by contacting ellenw@mun.ca